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Northstrat was formed in July, 2006; the brainchild of founders Rick Boyd and Tom Burkat.  The company was started based on the founders’ beliefs in several core business philosophies.  Among these are to deliver on promises to the customer; be proactive; be excellent; surround yourself with quality people from diverse backgrounds and experience; be loyal; be good teammates; treat people right; and always remember that we are privileged to be doing this kind of work.

In 2006, Northstrat opened its doors with only a seven-week subcontract to develop a system concept of operations for an Intelligence Community customer.  The success of that effort led to a multi-person, full-time subcontract.  Over the next five years, Northstrat grew steadily and began to diversify into new areas.  Recently, the company has been building momentum, more than doubling in size in the past two years.  During that time, Northstrat has moved into new corporate headquarters, opened a SCIF, initiated a dedicated business development department, expanded, and added several exciting, new contracts.

From its humble beginnings to its current dynamic growth phase, Northstrat has remained true to its roots.  Because the company is employee owned, every person is committed to not only succeeding, but succeeding in the right way.


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